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“This particular crime not only fed the appetite of an addict but risked the lives of patients,” Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards said in a statement. “It was selfish and reckless and must be prosecuted vigilantly.” In addition to 98 tampered-with vials, a preliminary review indicated about 1,962 vials of fentanyl were missing from inventory during the time Feldner was employed there, according to arrest papers filed by Wayne County Chief Detective Peter C. Hower. The charges came one day after Mountain Laurel told The Wayne Independent numerous masters nursing jobs vials of fentanyl were compromised when a staffer took the sedation drug from the vials and replaced it with saline. Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic prescription opioid used to sedate patients undergoing surgeries. It also is used illegally for recreational purposes. The 98 vials that were tampered with were contained in four boxes. The first box contained 25 glass vials with no caps; 15 of those vials were empty and 10 of the vials contained a clear liquid. The second box contained 24 empty glass vials, 22 of which had blue/green colored caps while two vials did not have caps.

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